Why People Choose “New Song”

  1. Our staff is passionate about their work:
    • Alessandra Moschetti-Wishart holds a doctorate in Music Arts. She has 20 years of experience of teaching at the Odessa State Conservatory in the Ukraine, and several years in Music Department of a Community College and a University in the USA.
  2. We have a great environment that provides our students with a high quality educational material.
  3. The program of the school proved itself to be very effective. The branches of the school were founded in four US States; some of these schools, now continue to work as independent institutions.
  4. The school gives students a broad music education. Besides playing instruments, they study Music Theory, Conducting, Singing and many other aspects of music.
  5. We are very happy to know that our former students are working in local churches, where they play music, sing, and conduct to glorify God!