Our Graduates

  • Aleksandra Koroteeva
  • My name is Aleksandra. I would like to share my memories about my music study at the NEW SONG School. It was a real blessing for me, my church and my family. It not only helped me to achieve a higher appreciation for the Glory of God, but also, it helped me to study well in public schools and at the Portland State University.

    Music helped me to become an open-minded and well-rounded person. Currently, I am a third year student in Medical School, and I think that I am able to understand difficult medical concepts better then other students because of my music experience. My piano lessons enriched my life a great deal; it was a lot of work, but it worth every minute of it. I am thankful to God and to the New Song School for the opportunity to receive a solid music education. I can play the piano and electronic instruments, I am good at sight reading, I play melodies by ear and take part in the orchestra. Instructors at the NEW SONG are great and very talented.

    Thank you very much!