• Peter Paliy
  • We are very excited because we can now share the information about our school with you, and let you know how to receive a fine music education here. This is the oldest and the biggest Russian Christian School of music in Portland, Oregon. We welcome everybody who is looking for a superior music education. Currently, our enrollment is over 100 students.

    The school was founded in 1994 as a charity organization. From the very beginning, the administration looked for the best instructors in Portland who could teach music, so that the students could enjoy effective learning.

    We have talented and very experienced instructors who teach piano, violin, guitar, cello, and other instruments. If you want to sing and develop your voice, we can help you with a rewarding experience. We offer voice lessons in either classical, or popular singing. In addition, we offer group lessons in solfeggio, music theory, choral singing and improvisation. We also offer individual lessons for those who would like to learn the basics of conducting.

    The main goal of our school is to effectively develop music skills and creativity in our students, and prepare them to serve God in the local churches. We strive to help low income families to gain musical education for their children.

    The New Song School is a member of the American National Association of Music teachers. It is a competitive school in the system of the music education in Portland, and it gives a solid music education to all children with music skills.

    We invite you to come and see us. Our school will open the wonderful and exciting world of classical music to your children. It will give them a very important foundation and help them continue their studies to a higher level, so they can pursue a professional music education in music schools and conservatories in America.

    Peter Paliy,