Parent’s Testimonies

Our son loves to go to the school! Thank you for inspiring him so much. Thanks a lot for your work!

Nadezhda Shulga

The school has everything that children need for successful study: textbooks, daily assignments, planner, notebooks, music sheets, a staff who are very nice and kind, and ready to help at any time. We wish we had come to this school earlier.

Luba Svirid

We like that children sing Russian spiritual songs at the school. We like the holiday concerts. Thanks to all instructors and administration!

Vera Evtushok

Thanks a lot for your great work! Our four children enjoy your music lessons very much. They like to play piano at home. They play some pieces for four hands, and even their own compositions. We wish that all our children could attend this school, but right now we cannot afford it. It is wonderful when children have the possibility to study music.

Aleksashin's Family